On Friday February 22nd, first graders celebrated their 100 days of school. It became one of the most fun and interesting experiences during this school year. They had a great time cooking with their teacher and at the end the batter turned into a delicious chocolate cake. 100 hundred candles were lighted and finally they traded the tens and the ones for a hundred in a Trend House.

Students were so happy. Let´s see what they were talking about:

“This is the best day of my life” (David Ibarra).

 “I didn’t know my teacher is also a chef”. (Juan David Benestante/Natalia Díaz/Fiorella Campo).

 The activity involved the following skills:

Mathematics: Measuring and counting

Science: Matter/Mixture:

Social Studies: Team work/Jobs and professions; “Chef”.

Art: Cake decoration


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