Colegio San José Barranquilla

100TH Day celebration

On Friday February 22nd, first graders celebrated their 100 days of school. It became one of the most fun and interesting experiences during this school year. They had a great time cooking with their teacher and at the end the batter turned into a delicious chocolate cake. 100 hundred candles were lighted and finally they traded the tens and the ones for a hundred in a Trend House.

Students were so happy. Let´s see what they were talking about:

“This is the best day of my life” (David Ibarra).

 “I didn’t know my teacher is also a chef”. (Juan David Benestante/Natalia Díaz/Fiorella Campo).

 The activity involved the following skills:

Mathematics: Measuring and counting

Science: Matter/Mixture:

Social Studies: Team work/Jobs and professions; “Chef”.

Art: Cake decoration


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